Our company

Mopabloem is a flower-growing company situated in Rijsenhout, the Netherlands. Mopabloem is a thriving, rapidly expanding, modern and innovative company; we are both forward-looking and customer-driven. Our aim is to provide people at home with a beautiful bunch of high-quality tulips that will stay fresh for a long time.

We are specialised in forcing tulips on water, i.e. we use hydroponics. Forcing means encouraging the tulip bulbs to flower early and we do this by growing them in the winter in heated greenhouses. Forcing tulips on water means that we do not use any (potting) compost: the tulips are pegged onto a water tray filled with water and artificial fertilizer. Forcing bulbs with hydroponics is clean, environmentally friendly and means a better working environment for our staff.

We also use a rolling grow bench system: the tulips bulbs are planted in the water trays on the rolling grow benches in the greenhouse. The rolling grow benches can be transported by cart to the processing hall so that the tulips can be processed. This rolling grow bench system allows us to make the best possible use of greenhouse space and requires less gas per tulip.

Forcing tulips with hydroponics and the rolling grow bench system means that we can process the tulips faster while maintaining the highest standards of quality as the tulips are placed on the processing equipment as soon as they have been harvested and do not need to be packed first.

We introduced the Bercomex Furora bunching robot in 2012 for processing the tulips. This device grades the tulips according to maturity, length and quality and then arranges them in bunches with the desired number of tulips.

We buy the tulip bulbs we use for forcing: we have a working arrangement with Van Bentem Bluefields, a tulip grower in Marknesse who supplies the majority of the tulip bulbs we need.

Our season runs from 1 January to the end of April. The surface area of our greenhouses measures 30,000 m² while our refrigeration cells have a surface area of 10,000 m³. Our company’s total surface area measures 45,000 m².

The whole production for the winter months needs to be planned carefully using a forcing schedule. We start in August, assessing the quantities and colours of the tulips so that all colours of tulip will be available at any given moment, which allows us to supply tulips of consistent quality in a full range of colours.

We deliver our tulips ready for sale according to our customers’ preferences: the customer decides how many tulips a bunch should contain, in what sort of wrapping the bunches should packed, which colours the bunches should be, how many bunches of which colours a tub should contain, and how the tubs should be packaged. Our customers are supermarket chains from around the world and, besides the Netherlands, our tulips are destined for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, America and many other places. The tulips destined for America are packed in procona containers (special tubs with a collar and a lid) and transported to America on pallets in sea containers.

So, as you can see, we are very customer-driven and as we can deliver every desirable quantity and packaging, we are very flexible in the production of our tulips. We supply all our tulips through the agency of Bloemengroothandel L&M Rijnsburg BV; settlement is arranged by FloraHolland Connect, the flower auction’s broker agency. We do not sell directly to private individuals.