As perhaps you have already read elsewhere on this website, we are specialised in preparing tulips in ready-for-sale packaging according to the wishes of the customer. Our tulips comply with MPS A standards.

Our picture gallery shows photographs of our tulips and various examples of packaging.  It might be worthwhile to take a look at them too.

For more information about the sales of our packaged tulips you can contact us.

Another option is that you supply your own tulips and we package them exactly as you wish.

We have the capacity for a variety of things and can offer the following options:

  • You can decide on the number of tulips per bunch.
  • Bunches of tulips with different colours in each bunch: rainbow bunches.
  • You can choose the wrappings for the bunches of tulips.
  • You can choose to have a picture or a bar code sticker - either with or without the price and day code - printed on the wrapping.
  • The bunches of tulips can be packed per colour or the tubs can contain different colours of tulips.
  • You can decide on the number of bunches you have selected in a tub you have selected.
  • The tubs containing the tulips can be packed in the box of your choice.
  • We can apply bar code stickers to the tubs of tulips or boxes.
  • The tubs or boxes can be placed on (auction) carts.
  • The boxes can be stacked and secured to pallets.
  • The carts or pallets can be loaded here and transported directly to the destination of your choice.
  • We can package orders for large numbers of tulips of consistent quality.
  • Our tulips are high quality and packaged in a way that will keep them fresh for a long time.

We do not sell directly to individuals.